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An invitation-only service provided by real Hollywood professionals to help YOU bring your creative work to Hollywood.

Concierge Management


Whether you know it or not, it’s a
New Hollywood.
Given the sheer volume of work, aspiring talent can barely get their foot through the door. They can’t get their stuff read, developed, and ultimately, made. Even when you do have industry contacts, it can be a process that takes weeks, months – even years.In a day and age where it can take industry heavyweights like Lucas, Spielberg, and Cameron more than a decade to get their projects off the ground, if you are serious about working in this industry you have to ask yourself several, serious questions:



How can you get your material reviewed?


How can you receive critical feedback?

How can you ultimately transform your creative material into a Hollywood reality?

In response to the number of queries sent by aspiring talent to Hollywood that becomes lost in the Hollywood machine, Hollywood manager/producer Seth Jaret and his team are offering a new, invitation-only service that will help talent develop, package, and market their creative work. Concierge Management™ services work on a step-by-step, pay-as-you-go basis that includes consulting on ideas, reviewing material, providing notes, developing content, and creating an integrated plan for packaging and marketing material to Hollywood. Each stage guarantees creative input and professional advice drawn from more than 19 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Please review our testimonials and track record, the services that we provide, and of course, send us an application telling us about yourself and your ideas. 

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Track Record


We will read and evaluate any project and provide initial feedback regarding its qualitative and commercial value.
Includes detailed notes and feedback on a project…$300
Discuss feedback and strategic next steps…$250
Includes the material review and feedback as well as the 1 hour consultation… $500.
We will develop your project past an initial draft while also developing your industry savvy.
Includes Revisions and Redrafts…$1,000.
Developing marketing plan, business plan, and general strategy for project…$300
Consultations on pitching, networking, and various other industry know-how…$500
We will shop your project to our extensive Hollywood network and guide you through the process.

*Please be advised that this menu is neither extensive nor exhaustive. If you have a project that does not appear to be a fit for the services that we provide, send us an application – we’ll be glad to assess what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Concierge Management™ is a service offered by Hollywood producer/manager Seth Jaret. With over 19 years of experience working in Hollywood, Seth has taken complete unknowns and brought them to the top of the A-list. He, his clients, and his team have been involved in projects that include but are not limited to 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde, Californication, Vampire Diaries, and Heroes. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get the advice and attention of an A-list talent representative and developer, Seth Jaret is your guy and Concierge Management is your service.


Concierge Management™ is an invitation-based service. The specifics of the process will be different for project to project but the first step is to send us an application. Once we have received and reviewed your application, we may send you an invitation to our services. Next, we will have a formal conversation and design a formal agreement regarding the service, payment, etc. From there, the process varies. While Concierge Management™ is not a 1:1 substitute for formal representation, it is the access to Hollywood, the attention of a representative, and the evolution of an idea that you wouldn’t get otherwise.


Founded in 2013, while there is no definitive timeline with Concierge Management™, we seek to respond to all applications and provide all services as soon as possible to place your project on its path


We are located in Los Angeles, California but you can find us on the Mediaverse at:


And our affiliated website,


Hollywood is big – so big it’s slow. Trying to get an agent or a manager is a process. Once you get that agent or manager, getting them to actually work with you is a process. And everything beyond that: it’s all a process that, for better or for worse, takes much more time and energy on everyone’s part than imagined. But if you have the drive and the dream, by choosing Concierge Management™, we have incentive to do away with all the unnecessary haste and hassle of Hollywood and unlock your project’s potential. We can provide you with the keys to Hollywood and then give you the tools, the prep, and the network to succeed.

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